Stills: A Weekly Collection......

All roads this week led to the sleepy little village of Apollo Bay,
on the Great Ocean Road,
where I surprised my Nan with an early birthday present and treated her to some time away,
just the two of us.....

 We awoke to the waves crashing
and the calm rolling hills
and our days were spent watching both.
For hours at a time.
Our days, when not busy gazing out the window,
were strolling down to the ocean 50 metres away where no one else was and having the whole beach to ourselves.
And sometimes having to run back to the warmth of our little lodge when the weather rolled in.
And to sit and gaze once again
and wish there was a pot of gold for us at the end of the rainbow,
so we could stay here forever......
And keep eating the best hedgehog slice ever from the Apollo Bay bakery!
We stayed in Apollo Bay for only 3 nights, but it felt like 2 weeks.
It was a whole heap of not doing much.
It was relaxing.
It was just lovely.
I know I am always wanting to live in dream houses,
but I am serious this time,
this is where I want to be,
to grow old with Sam
and spend our days gazing out the window of the amazement in front of us.
To live a relaxing, calm and simple life.
To feel like we are always on holiday.
It may take me a hundred years to save up for a view like this,
but I'm willing to do it!
My dream will come true,
one day.
I'll make it happen.
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ally said...

I loved Apollo Bay when we stayed there years ago - and now I remember why!!
Gorgeous photos Kelly
I hope your dreams do come true

Jen@mysentimentaljamboree said...

Outstanding photos Kelly! WOW! I'd love to visit one day. What a lovely getaway. Thanks for sharing

Dad said...

I hope your dream with Sam comes off sooner than later xo

Jane said...

Hi Kelly. I'm Jane. I just happened across your beautiful blog as the name of it caught my eye as I was wizzing down someones blogroll. I had to stop in for a quick look. Your photography is wonderful. I'm looking forward to a cuppa later this morning and nice browse through your blog. Jane x

Coal Valley View said...

Oh what a beautiful little time away, just you and your Nan. Stunning part of the world! We were at Apollo Bay over Easter and after travelling through the dusty desert from Alice Springs back to Hobart, arriving at that part of the coast was like paradise. Just lovely. Mel x

Coal Valley View said...

PS: I hope your dream comes true too x