Flowers for Friday
They say, 'Life begins at Forty'
I can't wait!

Hoping you all have the most loveliest of weekends! Love Kelly xxx


Jane said...

are you nearly 40? speaking from experience, lol, I felt wonderful and empowered by that magic number. Hope you do too!

Faith Hope and a whole lotta Love said...

Happy Birthday!!! I hope you got my text wishing you a great day of celebration? Did you do anything special? xx

Little Nan said...

Jane, I have reached fab forty! Looking forward to embracing it!!
And Sarah, I did get your txt, thankyou! I had a nice day, a RDO, some accupuncture, a haircut and Nan took me out for a lovely dinner! A busy weekend followed with a wedding and a post wedding BBQ! It was a lovely long birthday weekend!