'Things i Love......'
I do love a love story......
Let me tell you one.

Once upon a time,
Sams dear friend Andy,
(who is just a really nice guy)
met the lovely Kylie,
and fell in love
(and we fell in love with her too)
And a few weeks ago,
we witnessed their love as they tied the knot
in the most beautiful of settings,
which turned into a beautiful afternoon and night.

The food was amazing.....

we ate wedding cake for days!
(so, so good!!)

A new dress was bought and my date was the best man, 
whose speech was heartwarming and witty!
(he really looked just lovely!)
The gorgeous bride had touches of quirkyness everywhere!

Kylie had put so much love and thought into their wedding and it showed.
Terindah Estate was the perfect place to become husband and wife.
She looked absolutely beautiful,

and Andy was quite handsome
(Sam too!)
It was such a special day and we were so chuffed to be a part of it.
 They are a great couple and 
Kylie and Andy 'lived happily ever after!'
The End.

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Dad said...

Well told as usual Kelly. I hope they end up as happy as you and Sam are, x.