Stills: A Weekly Collection
New cushions purchased in store,
with new bed linen purchased online on its way.
I melt when I see bed linen.
I have so many quilt covers and sheets.
We only have one bed, I really don't need anymore.
I can't help myself.....
A cold walk along the beach before daylight saving ended.
Not another soul, just the three of us.
Nothing better.
We escaped to the country,
just five minutes down the road,
having a stickybeak at some Open Gardens
And thinking,
wouldn't it be nice......?

(Joining up with the lovely Emily with more weekly collections)


tinajo said...

I like these pics and totally understand regarding the bed linen - I have to many of that as well. :-)

Miss Muggins said...

I am with you on the bed linen too. What's the issue anyway if it makes you happy? Well that's how I justify my addiction to myself! The beach shot with your lovely dog is just divine xx

Leanne Barnett said...

Love those last 2 shots,what a beautiful place!

Michelle said...

I could do with some new bed linen...but every time I look I get overwhelmed with all the choices!
The view in that last photo is beautiful. Very peaceful.

Sophie Isobel said...

Love those cushions! And what a most beautiful view!
Sophie x

Angels have Red Hair said...

Lovely photos :0)