Another day off on this already long weekend.
Up at 5.30am, out of the house after six and at the course a bit after seven.
Sam wanted to share this beautiful morning with me and it absolutely was.
Eynesbury Golf Course, close to Bacchus Marsh,
was quiet, calm and lovely.
And really, really cold.

Then the sun rose and I finally warmed up and appreciated getting up early to experience a really nice morning.
Wish every weekend was a long weekend.......

The course surrounds the gorgeous Eynesbury Homestead which has been standing within its gardens since the late 1800's.
Really pretty.

Very tired now,
but truely a lovely morning spent with the man
who I will spend my eighth wedding anniversary with tomorrow.


Leanne Barnett said...

How beautiful! morning really is the best time of day :)
congratulations on your 8 years- it's 25 for us this year- can't believe it!

Faith Hope and a whole lotta Love said...

Happy Anniversary you 2!! Seems like only yesterday we celebrate your special day with you! I have been sending you texts......do you still have the same number? xx

knowles et al said...

congratulations on 8 happy years - and here's to many more
your morning photos show the crisp beauty of the morning so well