Spring has almost sprung.....
And this weekend was all about relaxing and enjoying the sunshine that had finally arrived.
It had been an awfully long week and I needed time to stand still for a moment so I could just breathe in the fresh air and have time for myself.
And eat good food.
It started on Friday night where I spent hours talking with dear friends at Armageddon Cake where I ate New York Vanilla Baked Cheesecake, Chocolate and Salted Caramel Mousse Cake and Apple Berry Crumble and custard.
 On Saturday everyone was out in the sunny garden 
with a Malteser Macaroon,
oh golly,
 A little bit of spring cleaning,
making our home cosy,
and falling in an exhausted yet very comfy heap that night,
thankful that the weekend was a day longer,
because one day off is never enough
The sun had gone on Sunday,

and after a big morning walk,
lunchtime was spent down in Torquay
where a Thai Chicken Green Curry was warm and comforting.
It was the weekend that I needed.
And countless hot chocolates.....

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Mel @ Coal Valley View said...

Well that all sounds absolutely lovely. All that delicious food, yum! Have a great week! Mel x