'Slow Sunday.....'

After buying local produce and having a healthy breakfast,
lunch was down at the Royal Geelong Yacht Club,
with a lovely view.

We took our full tummies home and Sam watched some American baseball that was still going after 18 innings
(which Sam assured me was alot!)
so I went outside to watch our garden come alive

Spring had produced some prettiness!
And Jack waited patiently for the both of us
and the walk we had promised him....
Daylight Saving had arrived
 and what 'felt' like 2 o'clock 
was actually a bit after 4,
we finally made it down to the river and Jack was off!
It was busy down Ocean Grove
But quieter towards Barwon Heads

The day ended with my Bruschetta.
Best ever.

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Leanne Barnett said...

It's a great time of the year isn't it? These photos are beautiful & it sounds like a wonderful day.