The weekend started with catching up with old work friends at the Elkhorn Roadhouse in Wallington.
I shared a pizza topped with pear, walnut pesto, prosciutto, gorgonzola and rocket....
and it was really tasty, so many flavours!
And we shared waffles with stewed apples, vanilla bean icecream and cinnamon.
I popped down to Lonsdale Tomatoes for delicious produce, Wildings in St Leonards for more goodies
and out to the Flower Farm for bunches of gorgeous flowers

Saturday afternoon finished with sprucing up the house, then down to the Rip View Restaurant in Queenscliff for a lovely dinner and watching the sun set across the sea.
After a Sunday morning sleep in,
down to the beach we went....

It was busy and crazy in some spots

but we found that some areas were quiet, still and relaxing.
Our weekend ended with a family double birthday eating way too much food, lots of laughter and a sleep on the couch.
It was a slow weekend
and it was nice..........

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