Today we had the day off for the racing of the Geelong Cup, 
so after a 'quick' drive to Melbourne for an appointment
and some (amazing!) Duck Pancakes for lunch in our favourite Asian restaurant
and parking at the wrong spot and paying $35 for just over an hour!
(don't ask!!!)
we are finally home,
relaxing on our day off.....
and I remembered our trip to Warrnambool a little while ago
On a cold, very windy day,
Sam introduced me to the most lovely 
Port Fairy Golf Course.
Where he played a 'pretty good round'
and I took lots of photos of the gorgeous landscape

I really have not much interest in the sport,
but walking kilometres around a beautiful course,
well, its a nice way to keep fit

We had the course almost to ourselves
It was quiet
It was peaceful
It was pretty
A relaxing way to spend the afternoon 

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Susan Moore said...

Beautiful photos Kelly - the colours are spectacular. And agree with you about the golf versus walking bit. Once I walked around the stunning Phillip Island racing circuit talking photos while my other half drove in a club track day. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.