Today I met up with Sarah from work 
and we ventured off to the Piccadilly Market down on the waterfront,
where we were inspired.....
Erin, also from work 
had her little stall all set up.
You can find her gorgeous designs at happiness is....made with love
She is following her dreams and doing what she loves.....
Lucky girl!
We wandered around,
admired everything,
(mentally) bought lots,
and thought,
why didn't we think of that!
We had chatting to do,
so off we went to the Kilgour Street Grocer and Cafe.
A very delightful renovated milk bar,
where you can still get the paper, some milk and bread,
plus some other bits of lovelyness.

Smashed banana on sourdough toast with dates and pecans.
Oh Golly,
so yum!
More inspiration,
more ideas
Then off home,
 taking our quirky ideas with us
where I put this passion into the decorating of the tree!
(well, one of them....)

I need lots more for this Christmas tree!
Looks like (another!) trip to Lilly Pond for beautiful French baubles......
My love for lovely things is 'never ending!'

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