'Slow Sunday.........'
A lazy Sunday,
a lazy weekend
of not doing too much.
We ate out last night and came home,
our tummies full of amazing curry.
A few sleep ins,
a motivated morning in the garden,
preparing the vegie patch for some Summer produce
A few walks on the beach
Watching the weather roll in....
Having terribly warm weather late last week
and then blustery,
almost blizzard like weather,
wondering how are we going to cope with a hot Summer coming up
and the late Winter conditions that are still hanging on.

A bit of Spring cleaning
 as I spruce up the house,
fluff up the pillows,
making it tidy and smelling clean
with freshly picked flowers by the bed
as the afternoon sun creeps in
 and as the sun goes down,
the lovely sound of birdsong......
to end our weekend
of not doing too much.

1 comment:

ally said...

I love the sound of your weekend
We had that sort of weather too - foul - wish we'd gone to the beach - its always good despite the weather