Yesterday we took the 10 minute train trip over to Liverpool. I have fallen in love with this little city!
Just like London, Liverpool is full of amazing, grand, historic buildings. But I really liked the fact that Liverpool is quite a trendy place. It seemed relaxed, chilled out, a little bit laid back! 
Me and Sam took a ride on the Wheel of Liverpool! Unlike the London Eye, the one in Liverpool had no queues and was quite cheap! We had a tiny little capsule for ourselves and the views were amazing! No doubt the lovely weather helped!!! We were quite high up but we were not scared of the height!!!  
This is the view from the Wheel of Liverpool overlooking the waterfront. They are pumping alot of money into this area and it's quite lovely now, so I'm sure it will be amazing in the future! We wandered around the waterfront and looked at Wallasey across the Mersey River. All around the waterfront there are so many trendy places to eat and lots of things to do! The whole area was buzzing and it was only midweek! Can imagine what it would be like on a sunny weekend!
This was a feature in Chavasse Park. It is written by Julian Lennon, son of John. I thought it was lovely.

Just next to those words is the European Peace Monument, dedicated to John Lennon. The monument 'Peace and Harmony' was unveiled in 2010 by Julian and Cynthia Lennon in memory of John Lennon. The monument is a focal point for people around the world to come together and celebrate John's enduring message of peace. It is surrounded by a beautiful green park and there were people everywhere, sitting in the warm sun. It was a really peaceful place. Lovely.

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nana_ang_poppaphil said...

I love the quote from Julian Lennon, just wonderful. Liverpool looks like an amazing place. Good to see that you are having fun.