This weekend I boarded the bus for a Beatles Tour in Liverpool!

This is not the original street sign of Penny Lane....fans 'borrow' the sign quite frequently! This is the third replacement this week! 
Strawberry Fields Forever
12 Arnold Grove was where George Harrison was born and lived here until he was 7 years old.
This was the last house that Paul lived in with his family. The McCartney home became a regular venue for practice sessions and ultimately song-writing. Paul's childhood bedroom is the window above the door. 

After the tour, a stop at the icecream van is on the cards! 


Dad said...

A lot of history there Kel,and brings back a lot of memories for me of 45yrs ago,sitting in my car at Altona beach with good friends,drinking beer and listening to Beatle songs....

jus said...

Three times this week! Good Grief, you can't trust a Beatles fan obviously, x