Me and Sam spent the week in London and my goodness, we did loads and loads! But best of all, we attended the famous RHS Chelsea Flower Show! So I'll share that with you first!! I go to the Melbourne Flower and Garden most years with my Nan and would have loved to be able to have taken her to experience Chelsea with me. (Hopefully my photos will be the next best thing Nan!) 
The RHS Chelsea Flower Show was booked out this year...I bought my tickets online at the start of the year and I think I was pretty lucky being able to go! I read in the Daily Mail that people were trying to sell tickets for 500 pounds!!! And people were buying them!!!! The weather in London all week was quite lovely, except for Thursday, the day we went to Chelsea! Freezing, overcast and rain! And people were waiting to purchase any returned tickets! They were keen to get in!

The crowds were amazing! So many people! But sometimes you have be a little brutal to get photos of the show gardens! I don't know how many times I got pushed out the way by the old diddys!
The show gardens were very innovative. Each garden focused on the aspect of sustainability. The gardens were relaxing, beautiful spaces and also working plots producing bountiful fruit, herbs and vegetables. Cabbages and beans mingled with roses and clematis, whilst lavender and other herbs provided fragrance. 
The gardens were bright and colorful and attracted the most biggest, fluffiest bumblebees!

And a big well done to the Australian Garden presented by the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne! They recieved a Gold Medal for their efforts! Sam tried to convince me that drought tolerant plants in our garden are the way to go!!
But I do prefer blowsy, dainty, cottage gardens...
they are so pretty!
During one of the very big downpours, we retreated to the Great Pavillion! It was an array of color!

And contained the most unique looking flowers! These tulips were just gorgeous!
The RHS Chelsea Flower Show is the pinnacle of horticultural excellence.....and I was there to see it all!!! It is a sight that you must all see!

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Gorgeous Kelly!! what great times you are having.....living such dreams! I hope all is working out for you.....email me details! XO