While in London, we took a trip down to Notting Hill. It was a vibrant and colorful place, even for a Tuesday! I looked everywhere for Hugh Grant's characters house and bookshop from the movie! And with no luck!
I did find this bright pink door of someones house though!
I did stumble across the Hummingbird Bakery! I ordered a cupcake that was chocolate at the bottom and vanilla on top with chocolate chunks through it and the most delicious cream cheese frosting on the top!!!! Oh My Goodness, YUM!!!!! Before I left work, the bookclub was selling the Hummingbird Bakery cookbook for only $5! And I thought no, gotta save for the trip! Well, when I get back home, that cookbook is the first thing to get on my list!!! That cupcake was the Best Ever!!!!! Yuuuummmmm!!!!!
I liked Notting Hill. Lots of funky stores with all sorts of treasures to discover!
Only a short walk away was Kensington Gardens, which are lovely.
Kensington Gardens hold the property of Kensington Palace, home of the late Princess Diana. Her gardens were just beautiful and peaceful.

And even though the palace was in the middle of being renovated, it was still an amazing sight! The closest I'll ever get to being a princess!! Yep, I can see me and Sam and Jack living in Kensington Palace! (Actually we are! Thats the name of our house back home!!)  


nana_ang_poppaphil said...

Notting Hill looks like a great place to explore, shame you didn't find the house or the bookstore from the movie, and that cupcake sounded delicious.

Dad said...

You always make me smile whenever l read your blog Kelly, thanks xo

Faith Hope and a whole lotta Love said...

yummmmo!! what a great pink door....I love that movie. Keep enjoying every day XO