Our first overseas European trip has been completed! We were in awe of the city of Lisbon in Portugal. It's old rendered buildings with orange tiled roofs that were built hundreds of years ago. And overlooking the city was a grand old castle, 'Castelo de Sao Jorge' that has been standing since 1147! You can climb the towers and walk along the walls of the castle and marvel of the views across Lisbon and the Tejo River, after catching a tram up the virtually vertical road that leads to the castle.

The streets and roads are lined with tiles which were laid after the 1755 earthquake. The streets are quite picturesque as you marvel at the workmanship that has gone into these paths that meander around the city.
Even though the city is quite enchanting, you have an ugly side of Lisbon. The litter, the graffiti, slimey men trying to sell you drugs while you dine alfresco and pickpockets.
But then you come across these most delightful custard pastries. They are called Pasteis de Nata and they were invented in the early 1800's by two Catholic sisters of the convent. And they are a 'must do' when you arrive in Lisbon! I think we ate 2 or 3 a day each! But Lisbon isn't called the 'City of 7 Hills' for a reason! Just keep walking and you won't feel guilty eating these at all!

As we explored the citys quarters, we did discover what a charming city Lisbon really is. The weather was warm and our little holiday abroad was just what we needed!


Faith Hope and a whole lotta Love said...

LOVE all of these photos Kelly!! what a great place to visit & learn about. WOW XO

diane said...

fabulous photos!