A memorable experience was a guided tour to the village of Sintra. We explored the historical town with it's colorful handicrafts and medieval streets.
Again the textures and colors of the tiles that surrounded Sintra were something that I fell in love with.
Our tour guide Paolo took us atop the hill to marvel at the most enchanting Palace. 'Castelo da Pena' was a 19th century summer Royal Residence. It was like a page from a fairytale story. Portugal had the most pleasant warm weather, but here above Sintra the palace was surrounded by fog and absolutely freezing winds!
I can not believe that Kings and Queens lived here in this most magestic building!

We then took a small drive to 'Cabo da Roca'. It was the most blue of blue colors! Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean it is the most western point of Europe and just gorgeous.
Sintra was full of color and charm, a really pretty little village.


nana_ang_poppaphil said...

Wow1 What an amazing place, the colours and history fantastic..

Bug and Bird said...

these are fantastic and awe-inspiring photos! how romantic~

Karen said...

I am in awe! So glad I have found your blog, love your travel experiences, photography...Portugal is amazing!... the architecture!...