Just got back from a little trip to Dublin, Ireland! Only spent a few days there but enough to relise that Dublin is lovely!
In the bleak weather, Dublin was colorful, trendy and very hip!
Around every corner was something typically Irish that made me smile.....
And Dublin gives you so many opportunities to practice your Gaelic! Nearly every sign had both languages on it, it was charming!
Dublins open spaces and gardens were amazing! Very neat, very clean, very pristine. This particular one was in the gardens of Dublin Castle (that has been there since 1204!) just next to the Chester Beatty Library Galleries. Upon the rooftop of the relatively new building of the Gallery, it gave a birdseye view of the new and the old blending together. Dublin embraces it's heritage in such a way that makes Dublin one of the most incredible cities I've visited.

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Anonymous said...

my travel itch is driving my nuts. Dublin looks beautiful. Your photos have captured that. Really lovely.