I've had a terrible sore tummy for a couple of days.....just girly stuff...actually waiting for some surgery....so fed up with it! Hopefully hear a date really soon.....
But before I was banished to the couch with a heatpack, I did have an okay sort of weekend.
 A little surprise was left in the outside fridge from Sams mum....best ever lasagna! Truely, its so yum! And some apple pie....
She made the pie from our very own apple tree! The only one who eats the apples is Jack! (thats when he is not just picking them off and finding a spot to bury them....!)
And you know what.....our apples are delicious! So a big thankyou to Noelene!!
I got a little motivated to do some planting.....all I wanted to buy was some sweet pea that you have to plant on St Paddys Day! And instead I went a little crazy!
I bought 2 hanging pots and put a fuscia in one and some strawberries in the other.
Potting mix
Sweet Basil
Lemon Balm
Garlic Chives
Greek Oregano
Sage Tricolor and normal Sage
Chocolate Mint
2 types of Dahlias
A Flowering Gum 
2 types of Kangaroo Paws
and some Paper Daisies.......
I've got a small garden bed just near the back door and its the perfect spot for my new Kitchen Garden! I need to be re-motivated after having no luck with our vegie patch this year! I'm glad I took advantage of the good weather before I had to hit the couch!
I wish I didn't have a sore tummy, because the day outside is just lovely again today!

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Susan said...

Such lovely shots. Your gardening purchases sound like something I'd do. I tend to acquire all sorts of plants! Kangaroo Paws are next on my list. :-)

Hope that you are back to your normal self soon!