Flowers for Friday
Here's a special bunch of flowers for my dear old Nan who broke her wrist during the week! (her first ever broken bone!) Together, we are the walking wounded!
I hope she and everyone else, has a lovely weekend! Love Kelly xxx


Hazel said...

They're beautiful roses. Your poor Nan, I hope she recovers quickly.
I hope too that you're on the road to recovery from your operation I was wondering how you'd gone with it, lovely views from your hotel room and those cupcakes look divine.

Susan @ Sunflower Status said...

Oh not fun! What lovely cheerful flowers, hope they helped ease the pain a bit. May you both recover quickly!

Lighthousegal said...

Broken bones are NO fun. Hopefully the Beautiful flowers made you feel a bit better.
I am glad that you liked the Award too. I know I was Honored to receive it and enjoyed choosing fellow bloggers to pass it on to. I visit your blog often and always enjoy your posts!

Feel better soon!!

Weird Wonderful World said...

What a clear and beautiful photo you have my dear (overtones of Little Red Riding Hood! I think the 'flowers for my dear old Nan' made me think of this) Seriously this is a seriously good shot. Found you through snap it every wednesday. I am No 17!