Today I took my neice Lola along to the Wharf Shed on the waterfront for a belated birthday lunch.
Lola ordered a yummy looking spaghetti bolognese....which she didn't share....
Mind you I wasn't sharing any of my chicken, bacon, pinenuts, pumpkin penne!
And you can never leave the Wharf Shed without picking something from the cake stand! (I think this may be the new routine when I take the girls out for a birthday lunch....Jemma loved it and I'm sure Chloe is already thinking about what she will have for her big day next month!) Lola had a huge slice of chocolate mint ripple and I took home my all time favourite Mars Bar slice......now where can I hide it before Sam finds it!?


Leanne said...

That loks like an awesome spot for lunch- love the first photo.

Citygirl said...

Amazing sites and amazing food. Me? Jealous!