Snippets of my Sunday
I have never been so happier to do a load or two of washing....
Sam did an excellent job of putting up my washing line after the huge workload of re-doing the pole that held it up.
And being a glorious day, it was a great drying day too!
A quick visit yesterday to Wombat Gully to pick up 6 more bags of organic matter and potting mix for a raised garden bed.
 (already had 4 bags that I got on the way home from work on Friday...)
Thats all that I needed to get but this little lavender found its way into my car too....
So my raised garden bed is now my potatoe patch.
I planted Dutch Cream and a smaller variety called Salad Rose.
Its a little exciting....I did really well with some potatoes a couple of years ago and they tasted so, so nice!
My Tumbling Red Tomatoes were potted up in a hanging basket. They require no staking and are supposed to tumble over the edges of the pot. I also planted some butternut pumpkin, tuscan kale and another tomatoe called Tommy Toe in the vegie patch.
I'm turning into 'the urban gourmet farmer'
Can't wait to start eating what my plots are providing!
A relaxing but pretty productive Sunday yet again.....
for all!
Now a roast dinner to end a lovely weekend! Yum.


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The Life of Clare said...

I really enjoy reading your blog and I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Award. Head over to my blog to check it out.