Like a hundred years ago, we used to spend our weekends in the seaside town of Portarlington.....
We would spend our days down by the paddleboats and swim near the shore or squeal as the boys chased us as they tried to throw us off the pier into the cold water below.
Nights were spent at the Port Footy Club disco or down in the cove where we would have a small bonfire, then we would wander down the main street on our way home in the early hours of the morning to the hot bread shop to bang on the windows to see if the coffee scrolls were ready yet.
Last night me and my sister Jody caught up with dear old friends from yesteryear to reminisce.....
We spent the night laughing with Kirsty, Tam, Kylie and Simon.
We remembered our first loves, our get-togethers and the time that Tam and Kirsty were featured in the film clip 'Take the Weather' by Crowded House, when they came to visit our little town.
We were embarressed by stories we thought were forgotten,
stories that some of us put our head in our hands with the cry of 'Ooohhh No! Thats right!' and stories from so long ago, we can't believe that it was 20 years ago......
And hoping that 20 years from now,
we can still catch up at the Port Pub and have a laugh.

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dee -@ The Old Fat Hen said...

beautiful pictures you should put some of them on cards-love dee x