'Things i Love'

On a trip home from Melbourne recently,
I stumbled across a Farmers Market in Footscray
and just had to stop!
After a really good chat with the stall holder,
I bought lots of herbs.
Now (broadleaf) Sage, (sweet) Basil, (silver lemon) Thyme and (pink) Rosemary as well as a (mozzie repellant) Pelargonium sit atop the kitchen windowsill.
I'm looking forward to visiting him again.
He had so many varieties of herbs, it was crazy!
Even an aniseed tasting basil! Really?
I love my own little Kitchen Garden.
Off to cook some fish now,
little bit of picking to do......

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Maria said...

Mmmm, I love those herbs. I cannot wait till it is spring here in Holland. But still snow, rain and cold! Nice weekend!