Well, we have arrived in the UK! We have been here for about a week now and it is so good to be back, catching up with dear old friends and feeling like we never left!
Firstly, let me tell you about the flight over here....
I did not sleep a wink and had been awake for something like 7am Saturday morning until 10pm Sunday night.
And the plane trip from Melbourne to Dubai, 14 hours of turbulance! At one stage the plane literally 'fell' from the sky and a lady in the aisle flew up and hit the roof! (insert swear words here!) The most scariest experience ever!!! But from Dubai to Manchester was alot smoother, thank goodness!
We settled in at Chris and Emmas house and took a quick visit to Southport and Liverpool and found ourselves at our favourite local curry haunt, Magic Spices.....aaahhh, all you can eat buffet for about £10! Ate so much, it hurt!
Then up to the Lakes District for the 4 day wedding celebration of Chris and Emma! And what a celebration it was!!!
180 guests were invited and majority of us stayed close by to Graythwaite Hall and its surrounding cottages.
So much fun with the cottages surrounding a huge courtyard where we all met for drinks and food. To be surrounded by family and friends for 4 days must have been wonderful...we loved it!
We shared a large cottage with 7 other people, yet it was private and quiet and absolutely quaint.
Emma had so much planned for the 4 days,
the first night we were driven by coach into the local pub in Hawkshead where we drank and chatted in a 600 year old building with low beams, gorgeous.
After exploring the manor house at Graythwaite,
we walked down to the lake and competed in a sports carnival with tug of war, three legged races, egg and spoon races and the most glorious weather ever!
A really fun day....
The Lakes were stunning.
I could even escape the 'madness' of the sports carnival to sit and ponder....
And watch the world go by....
Just stunning.
That night was a huge get together in the courtyard and have a BBQ, then get ready for the wedding on Saturday.
We had watched Emma instruct orders of what needed to be put in the van and 17 other cars, cause she was organising it all! And we couldn't wait to see it all come together.
And it was lovely.
It was the most funnest, quirkiest, bestest wedding I have ever attended! It was full of laughs, full of tears, lots of songs from the pop choir and so meaningful, it was just beautiful.
A very different wedding
and I am so glad that we were invited across the miles to share it with Emma and Chris
An amazing setting for a one of a kind celebration,
So pretty, so quaint, a lovely village to say your vows to each other,
honestly, just amazing....
So back to the marquee, just a few steps from our cottage, for the quirkiness to continue....
Jam jars of Pimms welcomed us into a sea of color,
There was a table full of lollies of all sorts that you could pick and mix into lolly bags,
there was a photo booth,
we left messages of love on a wooden bench that they will place in their garden,
And we ate our hog roast dinner from our own individual frypans!
We also had a BBQ dinner afterwards and ate the chocolate crackle wedding cake,
We laughed at the speeches and even teared up at the love that everyone has for this lovely couple.
The bestest wedding ever.
And after a late night and many, many Pimms
we rose to explore the Lakes once again.
And found ourselves at Hilltop,
home of Beatrix Potter.
Just charming.
It really is a delightful setting
To walk in the footsteps of Beatrix Potter and see where she got her inspiration from was marvellous,
and could almost see Peter Rabbit and Tom Kitten in the garden!
I knew I would fall in love with the countryside,
So happy to be here.
Its just so lovely.
Didn't want to leave.....


Allison said...

oh it all looks magical!...such a beautiful celebration. lovely pics. would never get sick of those views!! xx

Dad said...

You can certainly tell a story Kell, it's as if we were all there with you both. A beautiful place with beautiful friends...you are so lucky to have that, xo.

Faith Hope and a whole lotta Love said...

BRILLIANT!!! all of it! what a gorgeous wedding.....makes me want to do it all over again. Maybe when we set up business we can include wedding celebrations?! SO happy you are having a wonderful time. Please eat lots of UK Cadbury choc for me !! xx

Miss Prudence said...

That is the best wedding!!! Have a really good time and make heaps of wonderful memories!

Jen@mysentimentaljamboree said...

Fantastic!!! I agree, that is the best wedding. What an amazing spot and all the details! Wow! Thanks for sharing with us all. So fun!