I am so sorry for my absence on my little blog, I have been having quite a few problems with uploading images of our trip and  actually sharing my stories.....
but here I am.
And where should I start?!
Maybe I might start off with a quick rundown of our trip so far.......
After the funnest wedding in the world, we started our European leg of our adventure!
And first stop was Amsterdam!
Here we stayed at the Inntel Hotel Zaandam, about 10 minutes from the city centre in a very quirky looking hotel!
 Like something from a cartoon!
Amsterdam was serene in such a bustling city of bikes!
We wandered the canals and tried not to get run over by people of all ages on a two wheeler,
and trying to remember to look the 'other' way when crossing the street!
And only waiting a little while at the end of the day, we entered the hiding spot of Anne Frank and her family and what she experienced was a little overwhelming,
and so sad.....
Next stop, Copenhagen!
I really liked Copenhagen....
It was pretty and vibrant.
Oh, and thats our Princess Marys house on the left hand side!
Not far from our hotel was an amusement park called Tivoli Gardens...
full of quirkiness and lovelyness and some very scary rides, that we did not partake in!
We did however watch a live band on a huge grassy area and Sam paid $12 for a glass of beer!
Stockholm was next and that too was quite expensive! So street food we ate, on the sort of cheap!
Stockholm was not what I expected....
Its terrible but I expected IKEA and blonde people and openness. 
But it still had some parts that were quite nice with lovely parks and gorgeous buildings and such a diverse culture.
Oh Prague......
Prague was breathtaking beautiful.
Literally a 'wow' around every corner.
It was full of some amazing history and I just fell in love and wish we had more time to spend in this most lovely town.
And cheap!
We ate at a very nice fine dining restaurant and ate two huge main meals, a huge side salad, a huge plate of fries, a huge glass of lemonade for me, two pints of beer for Sam and a jug of water for only about $30! Crazy!
Lastly on this little trip was Berlin.
Berlin is a reasonably modern city
with alot of its history that only took place not so long ago.
History that is shocking
and terrible
and hard to comprehend......
But a city that is trying to rectify its 'mistakes' and become a city that is pretty cool in some places.....
so far our trip has been a whirlwind,
full of history
and discovery
and alot of very good food!
Let our second leg of our adventure begin!

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Faith Hope and a whole lotta Love said...

Gorgeous pics Kelly!! Love that you are enjoying your trip. That crepe looks SO GOOD! yum! x