Flowers for Friday
We are home.
Our 6 week holiday to England and Europe is over.
We are so jetlagged
So, off to the beach we went,
to get some fresh air and to blow away the cobwebs after a very long flight
And the middle of Winter produced a glorious day,
a little chilly
but the sun was out
and it was gorgeous.
We are so sad our holiday is over.
But so glad to be home with Jack.......
I have so many photos to sort through and hopefully share many with you all,
if you don't mind being bombarded!
So maybe, a busy sort of weekend to come!
Hoping you all have a lovely weekend! Love Kelly xxx


ally said...

I can only imagine how good it felt to be back at the beach with Jack!
Can't wait to hear some holiday stories - and see the pictures

Miss Prudence said...

Jack looks like he MIGHT forgive you! Enjoyed your happy snaps!