Flowers for Friday
At the moment I am up on the North coast of New South Wales at Dads house......
He lives a lovely stroll through the bush to this.
Literally, only 300 mtrs away to a quiet stretch of something quite beautiful.....
So peaceful.
Very relaxing.
Just the sound of the ocean
and kookaburras and lorikeets and the 'whip' bird.
Just the place to get over my jetlag.
My days were spent walking, to discover even more stunning beaches.
Dad really does live in a gorgeous part of the country....
And after seven weeks off,
and exploring 'the world',
I wish time would just stand still for a moment longer,
And even though there was a small scare with the 2 metre diamond python....on Dads roof....in the middle of Winter,
I don't think I'm ready to go back to work just yet....
May your weekend go slow.
Love Kelly xxx

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Imogen Eve said...

Wishing you a slow and relaxing weekend as well Kelly. Your dad lives in a beautiful place, I love the call of whip birds.