Things i Love....
I love being on holidays.....
And being back at work for the first time after our 7 week break overseas,
I love holidays more.
Don't get me wrong,
I know I have to work
(in order to have all these holidays!)
and I do like where I work,
but its all so nice to be on holidays isn't it?
Just to not know what day it is
or what time....
Not to be woken up by the alarm
(only if you need to catch a plane or train....)
and the anticipation of arriving at a pretty nice hotel,
with the promise of a very substantial buffet breakfast the next morning
And with full tummies
and a map,
venture out to explore all things wonderful.....
And at the end of the day,
wish you had booked just one more night
in a city that you have fallen in love with
And when you arrive home
being told how happy, relaxed and sun kissed you look.
My holidays have been over for two weeks today,
and its great to be back at work,
but I wish I was still far, far away
and only tired because I have spent the whole day exploring and eating and taking a thousand photos....
Not 'work' tired.
I love being on a holiday......

1 comment:

ally said...

I am loving holidaying vicariously through your beautiful photos
I, too, love holidays...simply cannot wait until our grand adventure next year!