Well, that was Christmas.
The silly season has been and gone.
I put on a huge spread on Christmas Day for Sams family, where we ate way too much and couldn't even fit in plum pudding!
It was 32 degrees but that didn't stop everyone playing backyard cricket all day.
(the 'pitch' look amazing as per usual!)
Mums cousin made me a beautiful Christmas bunting to hang, where the bells jingled throughout the day
 (and night....sounded a little like Santas sleigh!)
Sams family do Kris Kringle between the grown ups and we buy gifts for the children.
I was very lucky and got an old grape basket full of yummy herbs!
 I love it!
Then today, we did it all again with my family.....
Pretty much the same sort of relaxing day.
Lots of good food,
and some Pimms,
a little cooler weather wise,
another good day.
Even Jack was spoilt.
Christmas done.

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Jen@mysentimentaljamboree said...

Lovely photos Kelly as always. Looks as though you had a great Christmas. So interesting seeing how very different from ours with your gorgeous outdoor table and beautiful bunting. Thanks for sharing!