Today was such a lovely day for a walk.
We chose to leave Jack at home and tackle the big, long walk along the foreshore from Portarlington to Indented Head on the Bellarine Peninsula.
It was a fair walk.
(note for next time, take Aeroguard! The flies were terrible!)
Port is in the middle of peak season and holidaymakers were everywhere!
Walking along the Esplanade gave us (mainly me) to have a stickybeak through the open windows of their houses on the beach....
And dream of living here especially when its not the Summer holidays, where you see no one and hear nothing as you gaze out the window to the blue of Port Phillip Bay.
And watch the sun go down and see the twinkling lights of Melbourne.
I used to holiday in Portarlington when I was younger.
Nan and Pop lived a street away from the beach and I would sit on the deck and feel the cool sea breeze as I read a book.
We had the chance several years ago to buy their house, but we didn't.
And as we pass the old house on our way home, we were happy to see the new owners had spruced it up.
We didn't buy it from my grandparents all that time ago,
 but I wish we had off.
Portarlington is one of the few towns that has retained its quaint, seaside village feeling, especially during the quieter, colder months.
It really is beautiful.

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