The last day of the year.
Up at 6am and down to Collendina Beach for an early morning walk.
It was a little overcast,
and the sand was freezing beneath our toes
Not too many people around,
a few joggers
and this huge old buoy or channel marker that was washed up on the shore,
that Jack was scared of.
We came down a couple of days ago and it was out bobbing in the waves.
Jack saw it from miles away and wouldn't go near the water at all, very frazzled. He was a little braver this morning when it was stationary, but it still took him a while to approach it.
And on the way home up the path, he 'thought' he saw something in the bushes......
not a scaredy cat now!
It was a lovely morning to see out the end of the year.
And runny eggs for breakfast wasn't too bad either!

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Dad said...

Not a bad life Kell. I hope '14 is just as good to you, Sam & Jack as this year has been...and maybe also a big lotto win to help you with your dreams xo