Flowers for Friday
Its been hot.
Horrendously hot.
Geelong has witnessed temps of 45, 40, 42 and today 45 degrees,
with overnight lows no cooler than 25 degrees.
The only good thing that has come out of this heat,
 is that our gums have flowered

They look amazing
We have tried to keep the water up in the vegie patch, but the rest of the garden is looking terrible.
My newly planted magnolia is burnt to a crisp,
and Jack doesn't really like thunder,
so he runs up and down the yard to try and 'catch' the noise,
and usually doesn't look what is in his path
Hence why my Sedum is looking a little worse for wear
In order to keep old Jack cool this week,
I popped his 'pool' on the deck so he could splash and the water would fall under the deck,
where he found it a very cool place to sit under.
Not very 'water saving' with water restrictions and all, but you know what, looking after my dog, when I'm at work all day is a little more important.
Poor old thing.
He looks tired after a few hot days and getting older by the second.
As the temperature finally drops, we can turn the air con off and open up all the doors and windows, hoping that the breeze will cool the house down, just a little.
And we are grateful for the relief,
but our thoughts go out to the firefighters who are battling the oh so many bushfires that are raging across the state.....


Jane said...

I hope your days are getting cooler Kelly. what horrendous weather! No such high temps up here in BrisVegas! Mid 30's and people are complaining.

Jane said...

ps. your flowering gums are exquisite!

Faith Hope and a whole lotta Love said...

it was hot hot hot! but I don't like the dramatic change of now so much cooler days! consistency is good!