Even though its this weekend,
let me tell you about last weekend.
I took Nan off to Piknik, a little cafe with the most delicious upside down pear cake ever.
And on the way home I thought I may take a turn down Swan Bay Road,
and look what I found at the very end......

 It was quiet and lovely as we looked across the bay to Queenscliff. 
All you could hear were the birds tweeting and chirping and chatting away. 
So serene. 
I could not believe that I had only just discovered this little part of the Bellarine Peninsula after living here for many years.....

I drove Nan home the back way back to Drysdale.
Through the countryside and past little farms.
And hoped the urban sprawl would never crush this pretty part of my little world.


Leanne Barnett said...

So lovely to discover something new isn't it? It looks beautiful :)

ally said...

What a lovely discovery Kellie
You and your nan seem to have such great times together...lucky xx