Sometimes Jack likes to bury bones.
Sometimes he takes 45 minutes to find a good spot.
Sometimes he'll find a spot under the deck, 
even though he can't really fit there anymore....
and I'm not really sure if this was the cause but suddenly Jack was limping.
And his foot swelled up.
And a (very much hated) visit to the Vet was on the cards.
Poor Jack.
Jack has broken his toe, right up the top, in a spot thats not the best.
And he really should have some surgery, and have a pin inserted, but at 11 and a half years of age,
and a whole heap of money, a heap,
sometimes surgery is not the option.
So its going to heal naturally, with the help of a splint.
That can not get wet.
Anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks.
So he is living inside.
And I have to cover up his foot with a shopping bag or two
and a footy sock,
everytime he needs a wee or poo.
So it doesn't get wet.
Its only been 4 days......

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