Flowers for Friday
Sometimes something so very simple
is suddenly so very, very huge.
On Monday I had some surgery to 'see' if any Endo had returned and discover what may have been giving me a little grief. 
Tuesday, after feeling terrible with nausea, I spoke to the assisting doctor and she told me that the simple surgery wasn't so simple after all. And no simple little words were spoken.
"The Endo is so deep in your uterus.....the only option is a hysterectomy...we are so sorry....your bowel is attached to your uterus.....we could not seperate the two....you will need a bowel resection....we know this is all so overwhelming...."
I turned 40 in January and being 40 was supposed to be fabulous!
Life begins at 40 they say.....
Its all a bit shitty,
but I'm okay.
I go back to see my doctor next month,
we'll take it from there.


ally said...

Oh Kelly...thinking of you and hoping your visit with your doctor goes ok.
Nothing simple in this at all

Faith Hope and a whole lotta Love said...

You will be ok. Keep dreaming your dreams & reading good books & mags as a little distraction. Thinking of you xx

Susan Moore said...

Look after yourself Kelly. I'm sorry to hear you have to go through this. 40 WILL be fabulous, at some point, I am certain of it. Take care x

Marian Hazel said...

Oh Kelly. I am just reading this. So sorry for the pain and such a difficult diagnosis. Xxx