Let me tell you of my little trip away about a month ago to Halls Gap, in the Grampians.......
just me and my Nan.
I needed some recovery time after some (girly) surgery and Halls Gap in the middle of Winter,
with the fire on,
was just perfect.
(Never too cold for icecream!)
A couple of days just watching the world go by.....
We drove out to the quaint village of Dunkeld and bunkered down at the old Bakery,
where I had the most amazing chicken curry pie!
I mean, look at it! 
Oh golly, it was so, so good!
(I bought six cold ones home with me!)
We wandered around in the cold crisp air,
and drinking hot chocolates
and travelled back to Halls Gap,
explored some more
and drank more hot chocolates.
The days went quickly, 
reading magazines in front of the warm fire,
eating good food
and spending time chatting about nothing!
So saying goodbye to the resident gatekeeper,
we gathered ourselves slowly for the trip back home,
and stopped for a bite to eat in Ballarat.
Oh golly,
the most nicest homemade sausage rolls for lunch,
real comfort food in the chilly town.
So, so good!
(I bought six cold ones to take home!)
I love Halls Gap,
I love the cold,
I love the quiet time,
I love listening to the sounds of nature,
I love the slowness of time.
I think Sams Mum and Dad and sister Kathryn may be going up to Halls Gap soon....
I might get them to bring back some chicken curry pies and sausage rolls home for me!
Gee, they were so, so good......


Leanne Barnett said...

How lovely, that chicken curry pie looks fabulous!

Catherine said...

It looks beautiful and sounds like a great trip with your Nan. I hope you are feeling better now.