It has been freezing....
Foggy mornings that last until after lunch,
so, so cold.
But spending the afternoon with warm people who make you laugh
at a High Tea,
lifts that fog,
as we celebrated the retirement of one of our dear co-workers.
Liz (who is seated in the middle next to me) 
basically worked to fund her travels around the world,
she was my sort of inspiration.....
so jealous that she is retiring, 
she inspires me to do that too!

No matter how much you prepare yourself for a High Tea,
a small breakfast,
don't eat lunch....
at the end of all the little sandwiches, quiches and countless cakes and scones,
 you roll yourself out of the establishment,
vowing not to eat dinner,
can't possibly fit any in!
(but secretly and mindfully organising your next High Tea experience, so you can do it all again!)

A lovely afternoon.

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