Let me tell you about Sams family and their birthdays.....
There are alot of birthdays celebrated each year as we gather at someones house for a BBQ.
As the boys prepare the meat,
we start on the dip and bikkies and cheese and chips that we eat our way through,
too many soft drinks for the kids,
we have a few 'drinks' too,
then out comes the couple of salads,
and (always way too much) meat
and the eating continues when we should have stopped after the nibbles!
And we are full.
And that should be the end of our eating.
But then,
 out comes the sweets......
And again,
way too much!
A few slices,
peppermint slice,
a caramel slice
(that Sam always, always steals a few pieces and trys to pretend to the kids that he hasn't!)
Sometimes a store bought cake,
Then the home made birthday cake.
Always really nice,
and we continue eating when we should of stopped after the meat and salads.....
So last weekend was Sams sister Kathryns birthday
and this was the rainbow cake that she made.
Really, really good.
But this birthday gathering was different.
We made sure we got a lift to Kathryns.
And we ate way too much.
Then we walked the hour and a half home along the rail trail.
And it hurt.
But it was lovely.
And a few days later
we felt amazing after our big walk.
Christmas is at Kathryns this year.
Maybe a big walk home is on the cards again.....

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