A long weekend for me and all I have done is sit and eat!
Sometimes by myself.
All the way out to Anglesea at the lovely McGains Nursery.
Here was a hot chocolate and a (very big!) slice of Apple and Olive Oil cake with Maple frosting,
oh golly.....
it was nice...
Sometimes Nan came along with me.
Off to Cartel Coffee in Breakwater.
A little bit trendy
and lots of loud Spanish music,
although a little too loud for us oldies!
More hot chocs for me and coffee for Nan,
And Pork Sliders and chips to eat.
A bit yum.
And we discovered a new little place to drink the afternoon away
in East Geelong
where we admired the blue and orange color scheme,
which was really gorgeous!
And thought,
wouldn't it be nice to have a little cake and coffee shop of our very own......
And we chatted and chatted 
about all sorts of things.......
I love spending time with my Nan
and want to wish her the most happiest of birthdays for tomorrow.
And thank her for sitting and eating with me on our weekends!!!
(and thankyou again for the Chocolate Ripple Icecream you made for me and Sam! A little bit sensational!!! Oh golly, so good!!)

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