It rained all morning here in Apollo Bay and we thought we may be stuck indoors for the day, but then we had some little visitors!
They were very, very friendly and 'talked' to us the whole time!
It was a huge highlight to share some time with these little guys!
This one was a little bigger than the others and such a vibrant, amazing color! He was gorgeous!
Such a wonderful experience!
I loved it!!! This is what a holiday is all about!!! Just priceless.


Imogen Eve said...

Two of my very favourite birds - Crimson Rosellas and King Parrots. So lucky. They are so beautiful. And fabulous photos (: you look so wonderfully happy!

Susan @ Sunflower Status said...

That is awesome! I love their colors and what a great smile!

today i said...

My son was looking at the computer while I was reading your post, he saw the birds
and asked me to write 'so cute!'. They definitely are. Monika.

Katie said...

How lovely! Gorgeous vibrant birds, and beautifully captured :)

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

What a delightful post and the birds are almost as radiant as you! I have never seen anything like these birds (without cages).