Yesterday a lovely day was spent down on the Bellarine Peninsula,
having a stickybeak at a couple of 'Open for Inspections' 
I did attend an Auction in Indented Head, 
of one very delightful cottage overlooking the beach, where I stood back and silently pretended to bid, imagining the hammer dropping and people shaking my hand and congratulating me.......
I wish my pretend wealth was real.
I could have lived in that cute little renovated cottage.
(even though there was a caravan park across the road)
The Bellarine is horribly busy for two months of the year, but for the remaining,
 it is peaceful. 
Very quiet.
Especially down the road in Portarlington.
When it is not holiday season, it's a quaint township, almost sleepy. With a village like atmosphere.
 With empty beaches where you have the whole view to yourself.
I had a stickybeak at another house, high up on the hill with sweeping views from Geelong to the You Yangs to Melbourne......
I fell in love with the serene vista,
as sailing boats filled the bay
and a gentle sea breeze whispered past me.

I used to love holidaying in Portarlington.
And I loved it when Pop would call out to tell me that a ship or a big boat was going past.
'Kel, there's a ship!' as he passed me the binoculars......
Yep, I could live in Port.
With this view.

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Dad said...

That's one of the great things about living.........memories.